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    Update Your Home to the latest electrical standards

    Our electrical needs and appliances have developed over the years, bringing bigger demands on your home’s electrical system.

    Electrical safety standards have evolved also with better RCD’s and new laws on switchboard layouts and components.

    If your home’s switchboard is 20 years old or more, it simply doesn’t meet today’s electrical safety standards!

    Electricians are also required by law to leave work that meets today’s safety standards, meaning that electrical switchboards may need upgrading. to sign off on other electrical work done.

    Call Sarros Electrical, WA’s go to electrician for commercial and home switchboard upgrades and installation throughout Perth, the Peel and WA’s South West.

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    Type A RCD Switchboard in Perth

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    Why electrical switchboards may need upgrading

    Your electrical switchboard is the backbone of your property’s electrical system! It needs to be strong enough to safely carry the property’s electrical demands – especially during the most demanding times.

    As our electrical needs change and electrical componentry such as Type A RCDs improves, old infrastructure, including your switchboard, needs to be upgraded.

    The following are common reasons why your electrical switchboard may need upgrading:

      • Safety: Older switchboards lack critical safety features like RCD safety switches that detect and prevent electrical faults. Lacking the latest RCD’s and switchboard layout means the property is at a higher risk of the consequences of electrical faults, including fire, electric shock, and damaged electrical appliances.
      • Accommodating increased demand for electricity: Our world is getting more and more electrified! Often switchboard upgrades are needed to accommodate for increased power demand within a home. Gone are the days of a simple fridge, washing machine and small TV!
      • Renovations: Switchboard upgrades or modifications are often required when renovating. New circuits may need to be installed and kept on separate RCDs and switches, such as when adding a granny flat or building an extension.
      • Electric Vehicles: Some home EV chargers require a higher amperage than the usual 10 amps found around home, meaning the switchboard needs to be added to so this can be accommodated.
      • Solar power systems: Installing solar panels or wall batteries on your property often involves modifying or upgrading your current switchboard. Switchboard upgrades may also enable more efficient use of solar and energy storage systems.

    Get expert advice from Sarros Electrical

    We deal with switchboards every day, from the humble WA home to large, industrial switchboards. We know what’s required to safely keep you, your home and your business powering along safely!

    Simply call us or get in touch and we’ll help you understand what’s required for any electrical upgrade. We provide free, no obligation quotes.

    When you use Sarros Electrical for your switchboard installation or upgrade, you can rest assured that you’re using Perth’s trusted sparkies. We take care with each installation, not just in ensuring that they meet current Australian Electrical Standards and requirements, but also leaving you 100% happy with the end result.

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