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Designed to prevent electric shocks and fires


RCD's have protected Australian homes since 1991 - is your home protected?

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    Protect Your Home with RCD Safety Switches

    We take electricity for granted, often forgetting about its dangers! Since 1991, RCD’s (Residual Current Devices) have been mandatory in Australian homes, with safety standards being updated over time to ensure our wellbeing and safety.

    Many homes built before these years require upgrades to their electrical safety to ensure minimal risk of fires and electrocution. These upgrades need to be done before renovations involving electrical rework are carried out too.

    To Sarros Electrical, keeping West Australians safe is a top priority when it comes to electricity. In fact, 20 deaths a year occur in Australia from electrocution, half of which are from within homes (according to the National Coronial Information System). So we provide home safety checks and compliant RCD safety switch installation for homes and businesses throughout Perth and Peel.

    We’ve been upgrading Perth homes to the latest electrical safety standards and beyond since 2014. The question is – is your home safe? Whether its an extra power point on the other side of bed or a full kitchen fitout, Sarros Electrical has you covered – you can rest assured that Call Sarros Electrical to arrange RCD installation today and we’ll ensure that your home is 100% compliant with the latest electrical safety standards and you and your family are 100% satisfactied with our 5 star service!

    RCD Safety Switch

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    We’ll get your home 100% compliant with the latest safety standards today!


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    Why install RCDs?

    RCD switches are an essential safety device that react extremely quickly when it detects current going where it shouldn’t – including when a person is about to be electrocuted.

    RCD safety switches cut off electrical supply in a matter of milliseconds, avoiding electrical shocks, burns and other serious injuries to you or your family. RCDs also dramatically minimise the risk of other electrical hazards, such as electrical fire, that occur from various electrical faults.

    RCD’s can save both you and your family members, or your electrical appliances from events such as:

    • Lightning strikes that causes electrical surges.
    • Exposed wires, such as those chewed by rodents, shorting out on potentially flammable material.
    • Electric shocks – if a person accidentally becomes part of an electrical circuit.
    • Faulty electrical appliances that develop an electrical fault or short circuit.
    • Water that comes into contact with electricity (such as in the bathroom), becoming live.
    • Overloaded circuits as this can cause unsafe heat and melting through the wires.

    We had an RCD save us thousands of dollars of equipment from a nearby lightning strike – unfortunately our modem, connected to an unprotected phone wire, was fried – but we’re very thankful for our trusty little RCD!

    Current standards dictate that every property needs at least 2 working Type A RCDs installed (but this can change depending on the property or the latest safety standards). Selling or renting a home requires that this minimum standard be met. Call Sarros Electrical to check that your home meets the latest electrical safety standards before undergoing extensive renovations, leasing or selling.

    Testing your RCD switch

    It’s important to check that your existing RCD safety switches are still working correctly. It is recommended that RCD safety switches are tested monthly. RCD safety switches come with a testing button, which, when pressed, will indicate if the RCD is still working correctly or not. A qualified electrician can conduct further, specific tests if need be.

    If your RCD is tripping, unplug electrical devices connected to the faulting circuit and reset the RCD. If the RCD continues tripping, there’s an electrical fault within the circuit itself and we strongly recommend calling in a certified electrician promptly. Here at Sarros Electrical, our local electricians are trained in compliance to the latest electrical safety standards and are familiar with all types of RCDs, so you can rest assured that you and your family will be protected by the latest standards and products.

    The experienced, friendly and fully qualified electricians at Sarros Electrical provide reliable and safe electrical solutions to ensure your home is safe and compliant, with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    Enjoy a Safe Home with RCD Safety Switch Checks & Installation

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