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    Your home just got smarter

    Smart homes are the way of the future! You can:

    • Cool your home down as you leave work.
    • Have soft music wake you up with your kettle already boiled.

    As technology advances, so does our ability to automate our homes.

    Sarros Electrical are WA’s most experienced smart home wiring experts automating homes right across the Perth, Peel and the South West.

    Every home is different and every person unique, so we install home automation and smart wiring in a way that is personalized to your household’s needs. So you can rest assured that your home will be automated safely and reliably, ready for the future.

    Smart home wiring enables you to connect all your housing systems, such as lighting, temperature control, and security. You can then control your house using your mobile phone – that’s complete control of your house right in the palm of your hand!

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    Smart home wiring is smart spending

    Smart wiring technology lets you monitor your house and see precisely where your money is going.

    Home automation has the potential to give you an instant grasp of your electricity consumption and carbon footprint. Some smart home systems even allow you to see how much sunlight your solar panels are taking in, enabling you to accurately understand your home’s energy use at any point in time and make changes accordingly.

    Sarros Electrical’s smart wiring and home automation installation turns some of these possibilities, into everyday realities:

    • Turn lights on as you enter a room, and off as you leave.
    • Voice-controlled conveniences.
    • Turn on heating and cooling when needed, even if you’re not at home.
    • Monitor carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, leading to insurance savings.
    • Turn off appliances you’ve forgotten about from work or a remote holiday destination.
    • Did you shut the garage door? No stress – just have a quick look!

    Personalising your home

    Setting your home up for the future can involve many things including:

    • Smart switches
    • Smart power points
    • Garage and gate controls
    • Blinds and curtain controllers
    • Mood lighting settings
    • Multipurpose switches
    • Appliance timers and schedules

    Sarros Electrical have automated many homes across Perth, the Peel and the South West, each to the inidividual needs of WA families.

    We’ll help familiarise you with the settings and options available for the home automation system you choose. You personalise your home automation to fill your specific needs and at the same time, your home is future proofed.

    Whether you’re building a new home or retrofitting your existing property, Sarros Electrical is here to help turn your home into a smart home. Simply give us a call or book online to get started today!

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