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    Keep your Home Safe with working smoke alarms

    Smoke alarms save lives, and Western Australia has strict regulations to ensure smoke alarms are optimally placed and in working order.

    Residential smoke alarms need to meet current building regulations when you want to sell your home or rent out your investment property. This includes having mains powered smoke alarms installed by a licensed electrician, such as us at Sarros Electrical.

    Our experience in installing compliant smoke detection systems throughout residential and commercial properties means calling Sarros Electrical for your smoke alarms is the best choice!

    We always put your safety and satisfaction first, meaning you can rest assured that we’ll leave your home with compliant and reliable smoke alarms – guaranteed!

    Installing smoke alarms in perth

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    Why smoke alarms are important

    Most house fires begin during the night, often while we’re asleep! Our senses during the night are suppressed, some (particularly smell) more than others, meaning we are less likely to wake up to the early warning of the smell of fire. However, we remain relatively vigilant to sounds whilst sleeping, meaning we are more likely to wake up at the sound of an alarm.

    An installed smoke alarm or smoke detection system dramatically reduces the chances of a house fire becoming fatal – smoke alarms have often been the difference between life and death! Their fast detection of smoke and loud alarm buys you time to make your escape.

    At times, smoke alarms have even saved the house! Early awareness of a fire often results in containing the blaze before it spreads out of control (we don’t recommend staying to fight a fire beyond your control – the house always comes second behind living souls).

    Smoke alarm installation

    All our electricians are experienced, reliable and familiar with the latest building codes and laws. When you call Sarros Electrical to check, replace or install your smoke alarms, you can rest assured that your home or property will have the latest, compliant smoke detection system available.

    We are your truly local electricians, living from Rockingham to Joondalup, ready to help make your family safer in the event of fire. Simply call us on (08) 9226 7900 or contact us to make a booking.

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