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    Power Points installed indoors & outdoors

    That convenience of having the right power point in the right place is second to none!

    Sarros Electrical understands that contemporary living demands more power options than were often built into older homes and premises. As such, we provide quality GPO (general power outlet) plans and installations throughout Perth. From telephone and power points to data and USB points, get your home or business fully set up and ready to go.

    Whether its an extra power point on the other side of bed or a full kitchen fitout, Sarros Electrical has you covered – you can rest assured that your new power points will work safely and look great with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    Switch and Power Point Installation Perth

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    Power points of all sorts

    Sarros Electrical is fully qualified to install GPO’s (general power outlets) safely in your home or commercial premises. We install the following outlets and power points:

    • Electrical GPO’s
    • Power points with USB outlets
    • Double power points
    • Telephone points
    • Data points
    • Kitchen power points and charging stations
    • Bedroom power points and charging stations
    • Outdoor electrical GPO’s
    • and more…

    Power points vs powerboards

    It can be dangerous to overload a single power point with too many powerboards and extension leads, as this can overload the circuit, causing circuit tripping or a fire hazard.

    Power in your home is divided into separate circuits to ensure the electrical load of the whole house is spread out so electrical appliances and lights can run without interruption or undue risk. When installing power points, Sarros Electrical complies with the latest regulations and building standards to ensure all your power points are safely able to carry their standard electrical load – in other words, there’s more to it than just a physical power point!

    Whilst powerboards and extension leads are useful and convenient, if you find that there’s overloaded power points or messy looking wires throughout your home, it may be a good time to call Sarros Electrical to see the best options for power point installation in Perth.

    Other power point services by Sarros Electrical

    We also provide the following power point services to ensure the safety of your home and business:

    • Upgrade single power points to doubles.
    • Upgrade power points to include USB outlets.
    • Repair and upgrade power points for heavy duty use (such as workshops, air conditioners and commercial or industrial applications).
    • Upgrade and install power for EV charging.
    • Repair or replace existing power points.
    • Check all existing power points in your home, commercial or industrial complex.

    Simply give us a call when you need advice on effective solutions to your power needs and GPO locations. Sarros Electrical conducts professional power point installations, meaning your home and business is safe and convenient when it comes to having power where you need it!

    Get Safe & Convenient Power Points Installed

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