How much does an electrician cost in Australia?

How much does an electrician cost in Australia?

The cost of living is rising, and you need to look after your hard-earned money.

We get it, we really do. Our electricians have young families themselves and Sarros Electrical is WA family owned and operated.

That’s why we like to be transparent when it comes to costs, so you can use your money wisely and see for yourself why Sarros Electrical are WA’s trusted electricians.

We also love life hacks such as saving electricity in the kitchen and around the house during Summer.

But for now, read on to find out how much an electrician costs in Australia and how to choose a good electrician that will leave you with no regrets. This information was last updated in 2023.

What you should know beforehand

It’s very easy for us to think that cheapest is best, but when it comes to something as dangerous and as important as electricity, it’s important to not just weigh up the dollar, but safety and quality too.

do your research first
It’s important to make sure your electrician is licensed, experienced and insured.

Before choosing an electrician, think about the following:

  1. Are they licensed? Legally, every electrician in Australia must be licensed and they should be ready to show you that licensing upon request. If your current electrician is hesitant to show you their license or there’s a list of excuses, it’s our recommendation that you look elsewhere.
  2. Are they experienced? Whilst licensing is a must have, experienced electricians often know the better way to get a job done with a neat finish. Electrical work can be risky and fiddly even at the best of times, so choosing an experienced electrician with a good reputation means you can rest easy knowing that you’ll enjoy a good and neat result.
  3. Are they insured? Choosing an electrician that is insured guarantees that if something happens to go pear-shaped, you’re both covered and safe. Every good tradie has insurance!

For example, those of us who live in WA’s South West, the Peel or Perth can use Sarros Electrical, your trusted electrician with a 5-star reputation! You’ll find that we’re polite and professional, and we’ll get the job done in a way that makes you 100% happy with the result – learn more about us here.

Determining the cost of an electrician

Electrical services are often a combination between time required to get the job done, the materials and tools involved and ease of access (for example, installing a light in a single storey home is easier and cheaper than installing chandeliers in a 3 storey atrium).

This article aims to give you a guide on what cost to expect for different electrical services as well as the average hourly rate in each major Australian city.

Different electrical companies have different ways of charging – some by the hour, others by the job. We’ll look at the following:

  1. Price of different electrical services: How much it costs for an electrician to do an actual task, this may or may not include the hourly rate/call out, you should have a frank and open discussion with your electrician about this before any work has been started.
  2. Hourly price per city: How much on average an electrician charges after the first hour of work (some electricians have a call out fee or a larger fee for the first hour).
  3. Call out fee: The price for an electrician to show up at your front door and assess your electrical situation. This often (but not always) includes the first hour or 30 minutes of work.
Some electricians charge per job
Not all electrical jobs are equal…

1: The price of electrical services in Australia

Not all electrical jobs are equal, and believe it or not, wiring a whole house may require a little more time and tools than a simple powerpoint install.

The table below highlights a rough guide to prices you can expect to pay for different electrical services in Australia.

Keep in mind that costs may vary between states and cities. The materials you decide on also impact the cost, as well as accessibility and size of the job.

Electrical ServicePrice Range
Install LED lights$60 – $120 per point
Install new power points$160 – $200 (including materials)
Install outdoor lights$75 – $125 per hour
Install safety switches (RCDs)$90 – $250 per hour
Install smoke alarms$150 – $180 per alarm
Upgrade a switchboard$950 – $2200
Kitchen renovation$400 – $900
Rewiring a house$2500 to $12,000 (depends on house size)
Smart home automation (small home)$10,000 to $20,000
Smart home automation (large home)$20,000+

The prices outlined above are general estimates and vary depending on your location, materials used and how straightforward (or not) the job is.

2: Hourly rate per Australian city

Additionally, Australia’s states have different factors resulting in a differing average cost per hour.

Below is a list of Australia’s 5 biggest cities and their average hourly rate for a fully licensed electrician.

Australian CityExpected Hourly Rate
Sydney$95 – $125
Melbourne$75 – $87
Brisbane$93 – $97
Perth$90 – $120
Adelaide$81 – $89
Price estimates are based on Rawlinson’s Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36 and adjusted for inflation to 2023.

Now that we know the rough cost per service and the hourly rate in Australia’s main cities, we’ve got to discuss the call-out fee.

3: Call out fees

A call out fee is basically how much to get an electrician to step foot in the door. After all, it takes time and fuel to travel through city traffic and country roads.

Some electricians charge a call out fee
A call out fee is basically how much to get an electrician to step foot in the door.

According to data collected across multiple sites, companies, and sources, the vast majority of call-out fees tend to range from $80-$130 with the median value being approximately $95. Remember this differs between Australia’s states too.

However, some companies, such as Sarros Electrical, have no call out fee during business hours!

Emergency call out fees

It’s also worth mentioning call-out fees and emergency call-out fees are different, the price of callouts is generally applicable between the hours of 7 am-5 pm (with each company being slightly different with timing), anything outside this range may be constituted as an “after-hours job” or “emergency call out”.

In this case, call-out fees can be significantly higher, with fees increasing as the night gets later, or if it’s a public holiday.

After hours electrician Perth
Sometimes emergency electrical work can’t be avoided!

If you find yourself outside of standard hours and need to call an electrician, what pricing can you be expecting?

Emergency call outs often range from $300 to $600+ depending on the time of night (or morning).

Some companies, depending on time and location may ask for a deposit before they attend the job, just to ensure the calls are genuine and their services are truly required.

However, sometimes you need to do what needs to be done. If you live in Western Australia and need a trusted emergency electrician, call Sarros Electrical , we’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each electrical job is unique

One more factor that needs to be considered when hiring an electrician is the complexity of a given job, for example installing an indoor power point is different from installing an outdoor power point, even though they sound like the same electrical service.

Each electrical job is unique
Some electrical services are straightforward; others, not so much!

Some services may require drilling through brick walls, working inside confined spaces, or simply covering a larger square meterage. All these factors influence the final cost.

Generally, under these conditions, electricians will either charge a flat fee for their service or an hourly rate plus materials where the overall price is affected by how much time they spend on site.

It’s good to keep the following in mind when acquiring quotes:

  • The size of the job (square meters).
  • Complexity of the job (how difficult it would be for the electrician to complete the job).
  • Equipment required to perform the job (basic tools vs highly specialized).
  • Quality and brand of materials you’re wanting to install (premium vs cheap materials).
  • The time required to complete the service/installation.

Always choose a reputable electrician

Hopefully this guide gives you an idea of what to expect when you need to call a licensed electrician.

Always remember that whilst cost is an important factor, it’s more important in the long run to choose a reliable and safe electrician that’s fully licensed and insured. Sarros Electrical is Western Australia’s electrician of choice. We prioritise your safety and complete satisfaction – and our pricing remains competitive! Simply give us a call on (08) 9226 7900 today.

Reilly is the founder of Sarros Electrical and loves providing WA families with quality electrical work and advice on all things electrical. With over 15 years in the industry, Reilly has seen the best and worst electrical companies, as well as their ultimate outcomes. Bringing up his own family in Perth, with family ties in the South West, Reilly understands the importance of electrical safety and smart use of electricity for a better tomorrow in WA.

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