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    Private power poles Installed Fast

    The experienced team at Sarros Electrical are fully licenced and ready to get you connected to power – fast!

    • Have you received a temporary disconnection from Western Power due to a defective private power pole?
    • Do you need power connected to your property? Or power extended to your shed?

    Sarros Electrical is ready to get you connected to power safely with our fully certified private power pole installation. We’ll even look after all the paperwork with Western Power so you don’t have to worry!

    We supply and install galvanised steel power poles that are:

    • Termite proof & pest resistant
    • Resistant to corrosion
    • Paintable and less obtrusive

    These power poles have an expected lifespan of between 10 to 15 years.

    Consumer power pole installation Perth

    Need new private power poles installed?

    Get termite proof, galvanised private power poles installed today!


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    Connecting you to power – safely!

    Private power poles are used to connect mains electricity to your premises. As a landowner, you can choose where electricity will be made available (within local building guidelines and laws). Lines from the public grid will enter into your main electrical switchboard, where it can then be transmitted to anywhere within your property.

    The responsibility of maintaining and inspecting private power poles falls on the landowner. Western Power may inspect the private power pole between your land and the public grid. If you receive a defect notice from Western Power, or find that your power poles are losing integrity because of corrosion, rot or age, call your trusted sparkies – Sarros Electrical.

    We’ll get you connected to power safely with durable, galvanised steel service poles that are compliant with Western Power’s safety requirements.

    Benefits of galvanised steel power poles.

    Galvanised steel power poles have many advantages, such as:

    • A height up to ~7m
    • Corrosion resistance (due to galvanisation) enabling an expected operational lifetime of around 10 to 15 years.
    • Termite proof – galvanised steel is not on the menu for these little critters.
    • Less obtrusive to the surrounding environment, and they can be painted.

    We’ll look after everything – from installation to paperwork

    When it comes to installing compliant power lines and connecting your premises to the mains, Sarros Electrical has you covered.

    We’ll have a look at your unique situation and:

    • Provide guidance on the best consumer pole solution
    • Take into account any ideas or needs you may have (such as future plans for the property)
    • Supply all the equipment and poles needed
    • Install the private power line and connect it to the mains
    • Conduct all the paperwork in your behalf to acquire approval from Western Power to connect to the electrical mains.

    Simply give us a call and we’ll be right there, ready to get you connected without any fuss!

    Get Defective Service Poles Replaced Fast

    We’ll look after everything to get your power reconnected stat!