Weidmuller Wallbox Charging Station

The Weidmuller Wallbox Charging Station has been designed with the needs of the modern electric vehicle in mind to provide efficient and smart charging. Note: cable not included.

EV Charger Weidmuller CH-W-S-A7.4-S-E

Features At Glance

    • 7.4 kW charging capacity
    • Type 2 socket outlet
    • Dedicated mobile app integration
    • IP54 construction guards against dust and water ingress.
    • User authentication access for security  
    • Versatile installation options

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    EV Charger Description

    The Weidmuller Wallbox is built to last with durable IP54 construction. It features a maximum charging capacity of 7.4 kW for residential and light commercial use; Type 2 socket outlet to suit a wide range of EVs; dedicated mobile app for hassle-free charging; enhanced user authentication ensures secure access to the charger; and flexible installation options for optimum convenience.

    Fast Charging Capacity:
    Maximum charging capacity of 7.4 kW at single-phase (230 V) grid connection and a maximum current of 32A makes charging your electric vehicle fast and convenient.
    Type 2 Socket Outlet:

    Comes standard with a Type 2 socket outlet for compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles.

    Robust Construction:
    Mobile app allows convenient remote charging, monitoring, scheduling, and energy tracking via your smartphone.
    User Authentication:

    User authenticated access via the mobile app provides security and peace of mind.

    Versatile Installation:

    Can be wall-mounted or stand-mounted for flexibility to suit your space and needs.

    Mobile App Integration:
    Dedicated mobile app allows you to monitor charging status, schedule charging sessions, and generally be in total control of charging your EV, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

    Technical Specifications

    Dimension and Weight
    Operating Temperature
    Electrical Input/Output
    Access Control
    Approved Standards

    Dimension and Weight

    Depth: 167 mm
    Height: 433 mm
    Width: 268 mm
    Net weight: 3,600 g

    Operating Temperature

    Operating Temperature: -30 °C to 50 °C

    Electrical Input/Output

    Input Voltage: 230 V AC
    Input Current, Max: 32 A
    Charging Power, Max: 7.4 kW

    Access Control

    User authentication via the mobile app provides secure access and control of the Wallbox.


    Charging Current Adjustable: Yes
    Mobile App available: Yes
    Communication integrated: Yes


    WiFi Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    Bluetooth module: Bluetooth Low Energy
    Ethernet ports: 1


    Installation: Wall mounting, Stand Mounting


    Protection Degree: IP54
    Color: black, Anthracite, grey

    Approved Standards

    Approvals: IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-21-2, IEC 62196-1, IEC 62196-2, EN 50620, EN 55011, EN 62368-1


    CE Certified

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