Schneider EVlink 3-Phase Home Charging Station With Cable

Get your EV home charging sorted with a robust, wall-mounted Schneider 3-phase EVlink Home charging station featuring advanced safety measures and dynamic energy management.
EV Charger Schneider EVlink EVH4S11NC

Features At Glance

    • 11kW charging capacity
    • Type 2, 5 metre attached charging cable 
    • IP55 degree of protection
    • Dynamic energy management
    • Enhanced safety features
    • Customer Care Centre


    The Schneider EVlink 3-phase home charging station provides fast charging capabilities and is an ideal choice for EV owners who want an efficient, safe home charging solution. With its robust IP55 and IK10 construction ratings and advanced safety features, this charger provides reliable charging performance in various environmental conditions. The dynamic energy management system lets owners set up for optimal power allocation to ensure efficient charging while minimising disruptions to the rest of the household electricity supply. It is equipped with user-friendly features like a red emergency stop button and LED status indicator, whilst the Residual Direct Current Detecting Device keeps the charger safe from residual DC current.



    Fast Charging Capacity:
    The EVlink Home has a fast maximum power output of 11 kW, with a rated current of 16A at 400 V (3 phase), allowing you to quickly and efficiently charge your EV.
    Type 2 Charging Cable:

    The attached Type 2 charging cable works with most makes and models of EVs, ensuring you can charge whatever EV you happen to own, or buy.

    Robust Construction:

    With IP55 and IK10 protection ratings, this charging station is protected against dust, water ingress, and mechanical impacts, ensuring its safety and longevity.

    Safety Features:
    Equipped with built-in protection against residual direct current and an emergency stop button, the Schneider EVlink Home charger provides an additional layer of safety during the charging process, minimising the risk of electrical hazards.
    Dynamic Energy Management:
    The charging station incorporates dynamic energy management capabilities that will allow you to adjust the maximum power allocated to charging the vehicle based on other household electricity use, thus optimising energy usage and reducing energy costs.
    User-Friendly Design:

    Clear LED status indication and the red emergency stop button provide clear visual cues for monitoring the charging process or stopping the process if required.

    Technical Specifications

    Dimension and Weight
    Operating Temperature
    Electrical Input/Output
    Approved Standards

    Dimension and Weight

    Depth: 148 mm
    Height: 409 mm
    Width: 282 mm
    Net weight: 5.6 kg

    Operating Temperature

    Operating Temperature: -30°C to 50°C

    Electrical Input/Output

    Input Voltage: 400 V AC 50 Hz +/- 10 %
    Input Current, Max: 16 A
    Charging Power, Max: 11 kW


    Installation: Wall-mounted


    Protection Degree: IP55
    Colour: White (RAL 9003)

    Approved Standards

    Approvals: EN 61851, IEC 61851-1, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3


    Certifications: CE, UKCA

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